Producing good content is just the start.

While it’s true that content matters a lot, the title of your post/article/whatever is what grabs your readers’ attention and drives traffic to your blog. Presentations matters as much as the content you’re trying to sell and promoting your blog posts is a critical step towards gaining a following. Your content should be flawless, there’s no doubt about it, but it’s futile to have reliable content without a good promotion scheme planned out. In order to get the most out of your content, promote as much as possible and as smartly as you can, and results will definitely follow.

1. Free social media promotion

The easiest way to promote your blog post is by posting it to your social media accounts. You can do this in steps, for example once when you publish it, then once every day afterwards on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus for a couple of days. To get the best out of the algorithms and a good reach, change the way you present the post for better exposure, so if you simply post the article at first, use an image or a video and a follow-up link to the article for the next time you’re promoting it.

2. Facebook/Twitter Ads

Creating a good Facebook Ad means knowing your audience, which is why sometimes people pay specialists to take care of them. A good Facebook or Twitter Ad has to be direct, attractive and incisive. If done right, it will not only make your post stand out, but it will generate leads and drive a lot of traffic to your blog. Not only that but by paying for an ad, you spike up your chances of getting more followers on your platforms. The same values apply to Instagram for example, which also has options for both home traffic or driving traffic to a blog post through a link.

3. Influencer marketing

Promoting your blog or business through influencers is a big deal right now. It’s one of the best tools that you can use especially if you’re just starting out with your online business or blog. To get the most out of your campaign, you first need to find the exact influencers to use, the ones that will best suit your product and the ones that reach to your possible clients, or readers if you’re a blogger. Look for influencers with engaging content, rather than high followers count, as they will drive traffic to your website the best.

4. Quora/StumbleUpon/Slideshare

There are dozens of online tools and platforms to use for driving traffic to your blog, with these three being amongst the favourite. Quora does a great job in sending traffic to blogs as you can answer questions on a related subject to your content and leave the conclusion to be read on your site. StumbleUpon is one of the oldest tricks in the bag, presented as a content discovery and viralization tool. The best content to be posted on SU has something to do with the how-to, the controversial and education. Finally, Slideshare is a great tool for blog posts turned presentations or infographics, which although means more effort on your part, is great to use for your best posts in order to get the most traffic possible.

5. Guest posting

There’s a reason why guest posting has survived the ages and is still a tool in our days. It’s simple and effective. If you’re starting as a blogger or are in need of a traffic boost, chances are you already know some bigger bloggers. Use that to your advantage, ask to guest post on their platforms and get some quality new followers by linking to your blog. This simple technique not only drives new traffic to your website but allows for a better building of quality links that is vital for SEO.

6. SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is not a content promoting tool at its core, but it makes the difference if you want your post to really stand out on Google. When you do your optimisation right, the traffic you will get from search engines is not necessarily high because of the competition, but it is likely to be more consistent, which pays in the long run. Look for the best keywords, rewrite the headlines and subheadlines, take a good look at the visual part of the post and so on, and do this every single time you post.

7. Email marketing and signature

Using your subscriber list for promoting your blog content is the trickiest, yet one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. You need to find the right balance between sharing what’s important and not overdoing it, which is a promotion killer. Use email marketing just for your best content, search for the best subject lines possible and always put yourself in the shoes of the receiver and ask yourself “Would I open this email?” if you were to find it in your Inbox. Don’t forget to create a professional email signature with links to your blog, which can translate to traffic to your blog even from non-subscribers.

8. Professional promotion

If you still are unable to reach the traffic you want, there’s always the possibility to ask for help from a professional promotion company. Companies like Quuupromote shares your posts with thousands of influencers and regular users for just $40 a month, which can lead to a great deal of traffic driven to your website.


Whoever told you that building a great audience for your blog is as easy as sharing your posts on Facebook has played a cruel joke on you. Still, that’s no reason to back down, but to do your homework to the best of your abilities. See which one of the methods above work for you and apply them to each of your new blog posts. Make sure your content is the smoothest it can be before you start promoting it, and also don’t overdo it. Less is more, even when it comes to blog promotion!