Seeing that all your customers, for the most part, have at least one kind of social media account, you might be tempted to take advantage of this. This is perfectly natural- one does take the opportunities one gets. However, if you’re going to be an idiot or a prick about it (and one is often similar to the other), you’re going to annoy and eventually lose your customers. Here’s a short list of things to avoid when you’re trying to get your business more customers via social media:

Too Many Damn Posts and Promotions:

Not all people who follow your profile are there for your products. They might be looking at your blog, or some other resource. Your aim is of course to convert these casual browsers to actual customers. However, if you make every single post or update into something promotional, your followers are going to get pissed. There’s nothing that makes them run faster than continuous “Get Our Shit On Sale!” spam. Keep this to below 25 percent of your posts, and keep your customers.

Also, nobody likes spam. Seriously. You need to keep publishing content because stopping will eventually lead to readers leaving and your stuff dropping drastically on a follower’s radar. However, churning out updates like vomit is not going to help your case. You’ll end up like those annoying popups that people scroll past, and eventually block. Figure out a schedule to post stuff, and stick to it.

Lying About Crap:

Everyone likes to say they’re bigger and better than they are. But when you see past the bluster, if the truth is disappointing, guess who’s going to be told to eff off? You, of course, dummy. While the occasional slight exaggeration might be permitted, continuously talking yourself up to unrealistic standards is just going to eventually blow up in your face. Golden rule: don’t promise what you can’t deliver.

Knowing and Following Trends:

For every exam you’ve taken (unless it’s a subject like second grade art), you’ve had to prepare. Same goes for social media posting. Keep your page up-to-date, and easily navigable. Try following hashtags which are trending, and use them to sell shit. Make sure these have some sort of relation. For instance, attempting to sell female makeup from the Storm brand while the Storm football team is trending is a dumb idea, and may even be counterproductive. Keep with the times, but don’t be a stupid prick about it.

Pretty Up Your Content:

This is universal for any kind of web content, and thus applies for social media stuff as well. Make it crisp and concise. Run it through spellcheck to make sure it is grammatically sound. (This will save your arse someday- go for it.) Use visual media like photos, videos, and even hilarious GIFs to prevent your stuff from being monotonous, and make it engaging. This sort of diversity is what will keep a customer returning.

Dealing With Negative Commentary and Feedback:

If you have a feedback option (get one, its better for people to bitch about you to your face rather than behind your back), ensure that you respond to it often and politely. While it is often tempting to descend to the level of a dumbass complaint, it will leave a bad impression for readers and future customers. There is nothing more aggravating to a bully than exquisite politeness- use this to your advantage. If the feedback is thanks to you effing up, however, take steps to fix it, and tell the customer once you do it. This will make you look better.

The newest brand building method and consumer acquisition base is indeed the internet. However, if used in a shitty manner, it’s going to hit your business hard. So be smart about what you do.